Battenwear FW16 Outerwear


New York City really does have it all doesn’t it? As well as leading the way in terms of cutting edge art, music,fashion and cinema they also have loads of mad real life Gotham things happening on a daily basis. Stuff like swarms of  rats taking over donut shops, eccentric muggers with hammers and man-hole covers literally exploding way up into the sky. Which is exactly why Battenwear’s main man Shinya has designed this season’s collection of urban/outdoor appropriate clothing by looking at  the Big Apple like it’s a wilderness primed for expedition. Personally I really can’t think of a more exciting prospect than going on an urban exploration of New York City kitted out in loads of ace Battenwear gear.

Though consistently brilliant, I think this has to be their greatest ever collection ever, as usually I can choose my favourite jacket from a collection in around about a minute maybe two at a push but with this stuff I’ve been looking at it for way over half an half hour and I honestly can’t decide which piece I want the most.  THAT’S HOW GOOD IT ALL IS. Seriously, I can’t handle it, just look at those toggles,that hood, the cut of those pockets, that colour, they’ve even done a fleece balaclava! I need sedation and Battenwear need an Oscar in recognition of their jacket generating genius. I’m going to have to go for a lie down in a dark room with a wet flannel on my face before I pass out.

The FW16 is available from battenwear.com with more products due to be added very soon.










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