Battenwear Unisex Collection SS16

Battenwear Unisex 14

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You catch your other half wearing an item of your favourite clothing only to be met with a lame excuse and that look that Puss in Boots out of Shrek does when his eyes go dead, dead big.

Well girls I’m afraid your cross-dressing days are over, no longer will we tolerate finding protruding bumps in our sweatshirts, love letters to Tom Hardy in our track pants or feminine hygiene products in our four pocket parkas. Because Battenwear have gone and created a Unisex collection, which means you can now buy your own awesome gear now instead of borrowing ours all the time. Unlike other outdoor/sportswear brands this female friendly gear is essentially just a smaller sized take on some of Battenwear’s fantastic menswear pieces meaning there’s no horrendous hourglass stitching or cheesy embroidery on any of it.  In fact it’s so amazing that the tables have turned and we’re going to be the ones getting caught out in their gear now aren’t we? But remember it’s unisex though so no-one can call you a tranny. This immaculate collection will be hitting the stores in SS16 you lucky, lucky lad(ie)s.

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