BAUHAUS (Taschen)


These days everyone seems to go on about Bauhaus being a design influence on everything from Jumpers to goalposts but do any of us really know that much about this German institution?

Yeah me neither. I’d just assumed that it was a dead cool primary school where all the kids looked like Kraftwerk and all the lessons were about making chairs for early Woody Allen films. Given this ridiculous level of ignorance I decided to get hold of Magdalena Droste’s excellent and informative book on the Bauhaus movement. Now I know that during it’s fourteen year tenure in three separate locations (Weimar, Dessau and Berlin) this legendary design school created a modernist, apolitical and free-thinking ripple the likes of which the world had never seen before which continue to resonate around the world without showing any signs of stopping. I could go on about stuff like Kandinsky and Mondrian being two of the lecturers there and how it must have had the COOLEST.STAFF.ROOM.EVER but to be honest you’d be better off buying the book as it’s got lots more info and some incredible photos too.






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