Be outdoors, get lost : Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge

The LA based artist brings holistic sensibilities to his second collection for the Danish brand.

Following on from a wonderful first collaboration that focused on communicating the importance of looking inward, Geoff McFetridge and Norse Projects return with a second offering that instead focuses on looking outward. Through the collection the artist wanted to draw attention to the positives of abstracting out of city life and reconnecting with ‘ourselves, nature and everything essential.’

Whilst this speaks to an ethos currently found on the desks of many wanky marketing agencies, it is Norse & McFetridge’s execution of the designs and campaign which cements this as a collaboration with integrity.

In regards to the clothes “The collection contains many pieces that are influenced by years of being outside in varied conditions. Everything can be used in a multiple of ways and all the pieces work together if layered and combined, in and out of the mountains.”

The offering is divided into two capsules, a mainline and a selection of techier bits under an alias named Joakim McTechridge which is a bit of fun we can certainly get behind. The McTechridge bits are expertly crafted and develop the whole gorpcore aesthetic in a tastefully minimal way that is synonymous with Norse. The mainline bits feature some peachy graphics as well as a perfect spring/summer vest available in three colours.

The accompanying short film ‘Lost on a river’ captures Geoff on an adventure traversing through picturesque scenery and taking regular breaks to draw the wonderful landscapes. Through the film, we see the spiritual home of the collection as many of the pieces are sported by the man himself as he floats down a river along the Canadian border. You can sense the tranquility through the screen below.

We highly reccomend checking out the full collection at John Anthony here

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