Beams Plus Shirt Cord Jacket at Oi Polloi


If you’re looking at this site you have to love corduroy. Them’s the rules. It’s item 4 of the Proper Mag Manifesto (following on from: Wearing jackets in pubs, Loving trainers, and The constant search for the perfect fit of jeans).

If you don’t love a bit of The Manchester Cloth, either in pant, shirt, jacket, hat or hell-fire even shoe form (or if you’re feeling dead fruity double or even triple cord at once) then GO. Turn away. Back to your Superdry hoody and overly pointy shitty shoes. We’re not going to get on.

Right, now we’ve lost the non believers, we can get down to ‘business’ (*Lowers the lights, ignites scented candles, puts on the Love Unlimited Orchestra and assumes Barry White voice*).

Jacket business.

Cord jacket business (actually Beams Plus have called it a ‘Shirt Cord Anorak’, but well, you know).

Not what you might expect from a cord ANORAK this. Available now at The Corduroy Connoisseurs – Oi Polloi: a smock style, with zip funnel neck, drawstring hood and waist, small zip and large pouch pockets on the front, and an extra pocket on the back.

All constructed from a thick, quality, needlepoint cord in either a bang-on-trend Mustard (I don’t have a clue if orangey-yellow is ‘on trend’ but I love it) or sexy Sax (it’s Blue to me and you).



If you’re after a little special something to wear whilst listening to Mr White and his Orchestra play their baby-creating music – or to put on to run down to the chemist to avoid any baby making – you can betcha this’ll be the first, last, everything, you’d want in a jacket made from cord.

Get it now from:

Oi Polloi 


Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer

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