Bellroy Make Well Good Wallets and Bags

Bellroy is a little-known brand that makes some of the best wallets, work bags, and travel accessories out there

I stole the above by-line from Insider magazine, which might not be the coolest magazine around but they do know a thing or two about reviewing standards, especially considering they have an entire department dedicated to reviews (Insider Reviews) and their global leading position.

To make up for Insider’s slightly techy dryness (no offence, Insider), GQ also left glowing reviews for Bellroy, which should act as a reassuring prompt that Bellroy is both bang-for-buck as well as a well-made destination for solid menswear staples. 

GQ describe Bellroy’s Note Sleeve Wallet as the best slim bi-fold wallet they’ve handled, which goes towards establishing its place in the Hall of Wallet Fame. 

The Melbourne-based brand also make totes, cross-shoulders, duffels and, well, any other type of bag you can think of. 

Bellroy’s all-round technical splendour makes sense when you realise that the brand was founded by a pair of designers in conjunction with a pair of engineers, which marries four brains, all with a tendency to consider things from slightly different angles, into an omniscient patchwork of functional vision. 

Browse some of Bellroy’s best pieces at Parasol, where – and this is the best bit – many key pieces are on sale.

Bellroy at Parasol.

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