Best Company Fine Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The world can be divided into two types of people, the first kind will see this Best Company and think ‘that’s a lovely looking top. Whilst the second will have Chris Lowe reading these words out in their head…

Passion and love and sex and money
Violence, religion, injustice and deathPaninaro, paninaro, oh oh ohGirls, boys, art, pleasure
Girls, boys, art, pleasurePaninaro, paninaro, oh oh ohFood, cars, travel
Food, cars, travel
New York, New York, New York
New York, uh-uhPaninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

So which one are you? Not that it matters, as whichever one you are you’ll appreciate this fine striped crew neck tee designed by the legendary Olmes Caretti. Though if you’re in the latter group you might be getting just a tad too old to be wearing that sailor hat now.

Buy a Best Company Fine Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt from Scotts here.


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