Billionaire Boys Club ‘Lost Signal’


I like this little vid entitled ‘Lost Signal’ showcasing BBC’s SS15 collection primarily because it reminds me of the kind of raves that I used to occasionally frequent back when not everyone could afford Es and at least half the room were on acid.

pic 2

It certainly made for a less predictable night, with people just as likely to burst into laughter/tears/flames  as they were to give you hug and ask for your name, postcode & state of intoxication. As well as making made as fuck videos and clean collection of street-wear staples BBC have also added a couple of interesting collabs into the mix for SS15. They’ve hooked up with the legendary Majestic select to create some rather nice replica Game jerseys and archive American Sportswear products from their extensive sportswear back catalogue. Each product has been embellished with a unique ‘Wealth Patch’ which was originally used by the US Government during the 1940s to promote fitness and well-being.

pic 1

Keeping more with the spacey vibes they’ve done a rather spiffing fully reversible NASA MA-1 Flight Jacket with some interesting Billionaire customisation going on. They’ve added a branded Space Mission patch aside the iconic NASA logo on the chest, inserting the brand’s synonymous Starfield print to the left sleeve panel, customising the Arm Zipper to the Club’s mantra and applying a unique, internal Blood Chit – where a branded message is translated to the six official languages of the United Nations. Oh and if anyone thinks space is the final frontier, they clearly never went downstairs in Konspiracy nightclub in Manchester whilst peaking on an ohm.

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