Billionaire Boys Club salute Neil Bedford

Season-15Though we may not wear much Billionaire Boys Club garb or be their core demographic, we do have a genuine love of innovative street-wear and we certainly know a bit of genius lens-work when we see it. Back in 2008 Neil Bedford was still studying fashion photography at college in London when BBC took a chance and asked him shoot one of their prestigious look-books. Their faith in his creative shutter-work paid of for both of them big time and has seen both the brand and up-and-coming photographer go global. Now fives years on and at the top of his game Neil is still working with Billionaire’s having recently shot their SS13 look-book which incidentally tips its stylish hat in the colourful direction of Olivero Toscani’s iconic work for Bennetton. Some of the images from the new collection can be seen below alongside a variety of other eye-catching shots taken by Neil from the various BBC look-books he’s been involved with over the past five years. Now how about that camo outfit?!






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Season 11

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