Birkenstock Zermatt Democratise Comfort

It’s 2022 and the years of gendered shoes are over. To some extent, gendered everything is coming to an end; my sister got a shower set of Lynx Africa for Christmas, although when I congratulated my Grandma on her – perhaps ironic –  progressiveness, she merely mixed up the labels. Oh well. 

Admittedly that’s by-the-by. Gendered shoes, however, are things of the past, as Birkenstock’s Zermatt slipper range redemocratises comfort with a minimalist non-gendered design. The shoe features a removable footbed, which allows you to mix and match insoles, staying attuned to the nuanced shapes and sizes of feet. The Zermatt from Parasol comes with a snug shearling insole, bringing cork and comfort together. 

Parasol has a great collection of other Birkenstocks, all built around comfort and accessible style. 

Birkenstocks at Parasol.

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