Black Friday at Hip Store

Stop clicking and double clicking on everything, put down your virtual basket for a moment and take time out from todays bargain madness to take stock of the situation. Do you really need that LED toaster? Or that flat screen 42″ fridge freezer? No of course you don’t, you need jackets, trainers, shoes, shirts, tees, sweats, jeans and far more practical goods. Quality items from the likes of Universal Works, Beams, Norse Projects, adidas, Nanamica, Clarks Originals, Edwin, Barbour, Folk, Manastash, Albam, Bleu de Paname, Saucony, Battenwear and APC. It’s all there at the Hip sale for the taking today with a generous 20% slashed off the prices. So forget about white goods and get yourself some cord, cotton and denim ones instead.


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