Black Mountain Hallbeck Jacket


The sun is shining but there’s a proper nip in the air, so lets all wear a tee-shirt with a nice thick over-shirt on top finished off a body warmer so as to avoid the freeze and look the bees knees. I love a body-warmer I do, you can call them a gilet or a vest or even a jacket like Black Mountain have done but I prefer to go with the more literal moniker if I’m honest. As despite living in one of the rainiest places in the Western hemisphere I wear a body warmer a hell of a lot of the time. My Woolrich Aleutian vest has served me well over the past six years but I now feel that it’s time for a new armless number in my life and I have my sights firmly fixed on the aforementioned Hallbeck. It’s got an Italian 3 layer nylon out-shell and has a super lightweight/technical filling with heat sealed down compartments thus avoiding any rain or snow penetration. Though much more importantly wearing this highly technical item of outdoor clothing will (hopefully) make me look like a member of the Italian special forces which is a look I’m constantly trying to achieve. Anyone know where I can get a replica Beretta ARX160?

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