Boast x Ebbets Baseball Caps

We’re very fussy here at Proper when it comes to wearing baseball caps, it being all too easy to get it totally wrong and end up looking like a browned up burglar, a home-counties homeboy or (God forbid) Jonathan King. However when you do find the right hat, you’ll be instantly elevated to a level of coolness akin to Snoopy and Serpico sharing a Snowball scrap inStockholm. Step forward East coast racquet sports brand Boast USA, who have recently been re-launched along with their chronic-esque Maple leaf logo which some American schools found so offensive they  tried to get it banned *rolls eyes*. Boast have teamed up with US sporting heavyweights Ebbets to create these authentic wool mix, cotton peeked, leather strapped caps that we think are just begging to be worn with a massive padded parka for that formidable ‘LL Cool J goes Christmas shopping’ look.

 Available in four different colours from Couverture and the Garbstore HERE


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  1. Love that first one. You’ll struggle to find an ebbets cap better in terms of quality.

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