Bored for 21 years

Our mates down at Bored of Southsea are celebrating their 21st birthday this year, which means they’ve been serving the good people of Portsmouth (me) and their online customers good quality, well-made garments since 1997 – which is quite nice.

Since day dot, shop product and store tees have always been important to them and seeing their designs worn with pride across the globe. Some of the collabs have only been made in limited runs and others – like the Southsea Bronx Strong Island – have been in print continuously since their earlier days.

But as part of their birthday celebrations, alongside some delicious beers, they’ve delved into the Bored vaults and picked out 21 of their old shop tees to let us, the people, to choose our favourite. The design that receives the most votes will be rising like pheonix from the ashes and heading in to production once again. All you’ve gotta do to pick your favourite is click on this link choice your favourite and wait. It’s quite simple and there are some sure-fire belters in there too. Vote and then tell your mates.

Here are the 21 designs in question…

Tayler Willson

Absolutely well into house plants.

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