Bored of Southsea x adidas Skateboarding

Remember last year when those crazy hype kids started wearing football scarves with like, £1,500 jackets and clumpy, massive Balenciaga trainers and we all pretended we knew what was going on? That was weird, wasn’t it? But for those of us that actually quite like kick ball and appreciate good, well-designed gear, Bored of Southsea have done bits that are more than just a scarf-fad.

Teaming up with Adidas Skateboarding for the second time, the Portsmouth-based shop introduces it’s Bored of Southsea x Adidas Skateboarding Burner Jersey, a top that’ll whet the lips of everyone down five-a-side. Proud of it’s Pompey roots and Portsmouth F.C., the shop thought it only right that it should reflect the shared love of football and it’s heritage when working with a brand like adidas.

Designed by Bruce Jamieson, a friend of the store and Senior Designer at Portsmouth-based design powerhouse I Love Dust, it takes inspiration from the iconic Nottingham Forest badge and the “Brother” Man City shirt sponsor design, which appeared on their shirts from 1989-1999. These two classic logos from 80s and 90s football culture are brought together in a rain cloud and waves breast badge with “Burner” across the midriff. Lovely job.

This is a limited run, so get it now and look the bizzniss down five-a-side next week.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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