BOSS by Carrera – 1980s Deadstock Sunglasses

Unless you’re agoraphobic, live in a tunnel on the proposed site of a future runway or only venture out during nightfall you’ll have noticed something recently. It is regularly sunny. Sun in this country means several things; you eat partially cooked food in outdoor spaces on plastic chairs, people don’t turn up to work that much and the red top’s take pictures of girls called Marissa or Chantelle not wearing very much in Southend just to show how stiflingly hot Blighty is.

Carrera 5163 yellow

Proper sun also provides a legitimate reason to wear sunglasses without feeling like a right ponce or the sort of man who wears them all year round, men like driving instructors or Dappy from Ndubz. It is the ideal time to add to your sunglasses collection and what better way than with a pair of deadstock Hugo Boss by Carrera.

Carrera 5163

I meant to buy a pair as soon as they got released but for whatever reason I didn’t and now regret it, a lot. Reason being, they are limited, very limited, but they’re out there somewhere. And I’m sure you’ll agree they are quite simply marvellous.  The range has some true 1980’s styles and others more 1920’s rounder glasses with brow-bars. There’s a few rather splendid folding pairs as well.


Whether or not they’re truly “deadstock” doesn’t really matter, their clever marketing chaps have taken me in. To my mind they definitely have been held in the annexe of disused warehouse in Napoli and were only found following a tip off that a Cosa-Nostra bosses body lay deep within its foundations.


I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, you’ll have to draw upon all of menswear nouse to work out how you’re going to get yourself the pair you want, (probably not on Gumtree though, too risky). You might have to take a few chances along the way to get your eyes on the prize, so to speak. But if you do, you’ll have gotten yourself a small piece of eye wear history and will be a celebrated poseur for years to come.



  1. @Bonnie We currently have one of these in stock. At the moment they only have plain lenses in, but it you would like them as sunglasses we can fit them with tinted lenses.

    If you have an eBay account, please visit our store:

    Please leave me a message on there and we can sort something out from there.

    I am currently at the moment taking the pictures and getting the frame ready to go up on our eBay store.

    I look forward to your message

    Kind regards,

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