Brain Dead DNA Keeps Psychedelia Alive

There’s a rumour that Francis Crick, one-half of the discoverers of DNA’s double helix shape, was on acid when he envisioned it. The rumour goes that during his trip he could see the double helix, and described it to his wife, who then painted it and brought it from the realm of abstraction to the hard and logical realm of real life. 

If it’s true, then the scientific discovery of DNA is a beautiful consequence of psychedelia. Another exciting consequence of psychedelia is this Brain Dead long sleeve. It features a back print of a hyena excreting something that looks like it becomes two babies onto a mechanical replicant of the brain. It also features the words DNA and LSD, cementing the link and infallibly cementing the aforementioned rumour as truth. 

Keep psychedelia, science, and fashion alive by grabbing this Brain Dead long sleeve from Wellgosh. 

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