Brian Shoe From Trickett

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Let me introduce you to Brian. Brian‘s special.  He’s a special shoe. Not a ‘Special-Shoe’ though those ‘cool cause they’re not cool’ #OrthopaedicFootwearChic vibes so apparent in Jacoforms or Finn Comforts are obvious in Brian too.

Brian might not be the sleekest runner in the wardrobe, or the hipster’s footwear of choice (clearly no bad thing), but he is solid, dependable and Northern.  To my mind some of the best attributes to have.

So who is Brian? Well, he’s a shoe designed by the team at Trickett, made to order and hand made by their pals in the North of England.

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The shoe is manufactured in a way that makes it possible to repair them and replace the soles; meaning Brian is going to become your lifelong friend.  Not just a passing acquaintance, that you once went out with for a few drinks, but lost contact with when he shacked up and started having kids.

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As a result of the hand manufacturing process and the fact the leather hides used on them are ‘raw’ all pairs will look completely different.  They have brass eyelets, leather insoles, steadily solid Vibram outer soles, and are finished off with ‘Rasta Laces’ – an ace touch with a knowing nod to the Caribbean community’s love of ‘sensible shoes’.

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These aren’t ‘off the shelf shoes’; with each pair taking 30 days to make mainly due to the length of time the glue takes to dry; and with a retail price of £250, we know quality don’t come cheap.

But if you are interesting in making Big Brian’s acquaintance contact the good folk at Tricketter and get your name down for some stocky yet stylish shoeage.

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