Brooklyn We Go Hard at The Great Divide

Continuing the ‘Surfs Up!’ vibe that seems to be emerging here at the Proper Beach Shack, Brooklyn We Go Hard have clearly caught some pretty surfadelic waves and put them straight onto a few white tees. And everyone’s pretty stoked that The Great Divide have got them in.

Each white cotton tee features a classic, round design on the chest and unique print on the back, all of which will get you humming Surfin’ USA in no time. First up below is the Aloha tee, with palm trees to the front and Hawaiian-French bilingual goodness on the back, which just has lounging on the beach/on the grass next to a disposable barbecue all over it.

The second, Born to Ride, also draws on some ‘delic vibes, only this time of the Hiker kind. Showing a great silhouetted mountain sunset and a bold statement to the back, sure to boost your gnarly, board master credentials – even if the only thing you’re riding is the 592 to Rochdale.

Lastly, the Surf Sea tee is all about the board. With the smaller chest design repeated and blown up on the back, the word play that BWGH always enjoy is kept to a minimum, as your board does the talking instead, reaching out of the waves likes some sort of waxed up, wave eating, middle finger to the man. Surfs up, now let’s hit the beach.

Or at least try to figure out how to create some waves down the Leeds-Liverpool canal.















P.S. Aloha, me again. Whilst you’re there, check out this collegiate sweat, just what you need, once the sun goes down, at the cool end of a long day catching waves. Pure Pencey Prep-Holden Caulfield-letterman sweatshirt steez.

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