Brutus Trimfit SS13 Preview

Maybe it’s the kid modelling these Brutus Trimfit shirts or maybe the fact they’ve used genuine prints from their archive of 1970s designs but for some reason I was instantly reminded of Alan Clark opus magnus Scum when I first clocked them. For those of you who don’t remember the Seventies, it was an odd time when everyone went on strike for a bit, a cartoon cat warned us not to go with strangers and shirts featuring cross country runners and ladies wearing monocles could be worn by only the very coolest of cats. So bearing in mind the cyclical nature of fashion, next Spring it’s highly likely that Borstals, Bruce Lee and Bad Company will all be making a come-back as well as these ace Brutus Trimfit shirts. In the mean time, get some fucking coal-dust on those prints before the screws see them!

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