Buddy Sneakers @ Verashoes

Buddy sneakers want to make you happy. They want to be your buddy. Looking at them makes me think I’d like a buddy like Buddy. That would make me happy. So obviously they work.



With traditionally very limited availability in the UK, Buddy are currently available online from our pals at  The Corgi Chukka, Corgi Low and Bull Terrier (Grrr) are at the apex of Japanese design and functionality and are presented in a range of superb colourways.

Made in The Land of the Rising Sun, the range provides simple, stylish, clean-cut suede sneakers offering a modernist take on the classic skate shoe. Featuring minimal, functional design and sustainable, durable materials, they are perfect year-round shoes.





The upper is double thickness suede lined with eco-friendly (Non-Chromium) pig leather. Leather patch details throughout the shoe (tongue, swing-patch, inner-and-outer-sole) are made from vegetable-dyed Japanese Tochigi leather. The super-soft suede upper is complimented by a sole in lightweight yet sturdy natural rubber.




Being Japanese, Buddy sneakers don’t come in anything as simple as a box. Instead each pair comes vacuum-packed, saving on weight, space and environmental impact and because it’s a pretty fucking cool way to package footwear.

The looped heel-tab and side design on the upper construction are based-on a dog’s tail and ears. Buddy create their shoes ‘Because we hope to see your smile’. Don’t you just love the Japanese?




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