Burkman Bros., SS12

For their SS12 collection Burkman Bros have gone all Magnum P.I. on us (kind of). The N Pali coast on the island Kaua to be precise and everything it encapsulates; think waterfalls and lush forests rather than Ferraris and massive porn taches. With its Polynesia-meets-America vibe, the Hawaiian influence played itself out somewhat unexpectedly through dobby print and silk hiking shorts, tropical colour combinations and original patterns based on the distinctive landscape and culture. Loose fit shirts are teamed with colourful shorts and drawstring pants plus a variety of tanks in colours and stripes and there’s also a collab with Gurkees rope sandals (socks optional). Keep your eyes peeled for more about Hawaiian steez in our next issue but for now enjoy these colourful illustrations by Michael Sanderson of their new collection. Burkman Bros is stocked at Libertys, Oi Polloi, Dover Street Market and Anthem.


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