Burro: No Alla Violenza Tees

There’s a Nineties Revival going on.

There is.

You should know, ‘cause we told you about it first.

Alright; there might be a bit of fisticuffs in the Proper Common Room about who made the claim first; at the moment Mark and Michael are having a dance off as we speak, as to which of them it was.

But it was one of the Proper Posse; promise.

Any road, tell you what else is going on. A World Cup.

That’s what.

So, what could be more ‘on it’ / ‘en vogue’ than a tee which celebrates THE World Cup. Not just of the 90’s (Italia ’90 clearly) but of all time NQAT.

Nope, not the England 3rd strip in Sky Blue that Bernard was wearing so well in video for World In Motion; nor the accompanying band tee which I bought from HMV and was a massive part of my life.

But a slogan tee, with a message that was far reaching and ultimately pretty bloody ace: No Alla Violenze by Burro.

In the summer (and following months) of 1990, everyone had one.

That’s no exaggeration. Me; me best mate, his pal, then his sister’s boyfriend (who gave us his hand-me down clothes. Pair of Boss jeans being the pinnacle). Everyone. If you were older than 13 in 1990, then bet you knew someone with one.

If The Farm were on TV they had one on. The Beloved, promoing their ace first lp; yep them too. Norman Cook, before becoming too FAT; him as well.

Like I said everyone.

So what’s better to celebrate than a reissue of a classic range, especially in a World Cup year.

Burro are back and doing the tees again. Same slogan, some of the same imagery. All of the same goodness.

I think you probably need one.

So what exactly are you waiting for. I’m in.

And I’m taken straight back to being a 15 year old, drunk on cheap ale and cursing at the mullet-haired Waddle as my dreams and expectations drowned in the tears of Gazza.

Available now direct from Burro; or soon from Ran Shop  and Present London in tees and sweats.





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  1. Went on the burro website / shop football appears that’s it…fuckin shite I want to buy one…had one first time round…very poor can anyone help.

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