Buy Now Pay Later With Klarna at Grants 1856

How annoying is it when you have great taste in clothing but get paid monthly? There’s nothing worse than spotting the jacket/jumper/jeans of your dreams only to find that it’s sold out when you’ve finally got the funds to afford it is there? Well now we have a solution to this problem thanks to Grants 1856 and their Klarna payment system. All you have to do is select it as your payment option when checking out which means you don’t have to give any card details and you’ll have at least 14 days grace to decide whether you want to pay for the item or send it back. How cool is that? Also if you enter the codeĀ ‘klarna10’ you’ll also get 10% off AND free shipping. What are you waiting for? get over to Grants and give it a go!


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