BWGH for PUMA – Bluefield


Despite the PUMA Set being one of my favourite (and first) ever trainers I must admit that I’ve not really given much thought to the brand in quite some time, until that is I came across the BWGH version of their 1990s runner the R698. Just like myself the talented froggy duo of Brooklyn We Go Hard founder’s David Obadia and Nelson Hassan get a bit misty eyed thinking about their youth when they think of PUMA. So combining this genuine nostalgia with their love of Rothko and his Colourfield painting movement they’ve got together and created the immaculate looking BWGH x PUMA R698 which they’ve appropriately called the Bluefield which also rather cunningly features their signature bouclé knit in amongst the blueness. They’ve also reworked a sublime technical backpack from the archives as well as a skate deck, just to add to the 1990s Parisian vibes. If only all trainer collabs were as well thought out and as classy as this eh?  The  Bluefield will be available from Hanon, End & Footpatrol from the 7th of December.








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