C.P. Company AIR-NET Fabric

Finally we have an ‘air-net’ that even bald people can take advantage of because this particular air-net has nothing to do with keeping your bouffant in place or keeping your beard out of biscuit mixtures. No, the Air-Net in question here is one of those mad technical fabrics from legendary Italian brand C.P. Company. Consisting of a 3D flock print on the inner layer of the fabric this innovative feature creates a subtle air canopy between the outer face of the fabric and the skin. This has the effect of naturally isolating the body from the external environment and shields it from cold and heat. Being also wind and water resistant this makes Air-Net the perfect transitional climate fabric. It also helps that they’ve used it on an amazing lightweight jacket in ‘Hawaiian ocean’ blue and ‘Tapioca’ white.

Find out more about Air-Net fabric at C.P. Company here.


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