C.P. Company AW17 – Digital Camouflage

Whilst the debate still rumbles on within the military regarding the usefulness of digital or ‘multi-scale’ camouflage compared to the more traditional variety,there’s no doubt that it works a treat here on civvy street. Hey that rhymes, let’s make a musical about camouflage! OK let’s not, let’s talk about C.P. Company’s new digital camo range which for me it a welcome return to their militaristic Osti roots. C.P. have applied a digital camo print to a triple layered fabric which is a 100% waterproof technical material comprising of a nylon comfort stretch outer layer and polyester inner layer with a waterproof membrane sandwiched between. This waterproof wizardry has been applied to a military parka and C.P.s classic Explorer jacket that elevates them both into new yet still familiar territory albeit in a territory where it would be quite difficult to pick them out from if you were a sniper based several hundred metres away.

Shop the new digital camo collection at C.P. Company here.


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