C.P. Company by adidas Originals

Pretty special this, C.P. Company’s first ever collaboration is happening and it’s with adidas. Being two brands that have been already paired up together by ‘us lot’ for quite some time, it makes sense to finally do something ‘official’. Acknowledging both brands place within casual culture the collaboration has come about via the clued up folk in Italy and Germany (and the UK) putting their heads together to release a range of pieces that represent both brands reputation for quality and innovation. With Lorenzo Osti confirming “This isn’t some marketing operation – it’s a collaboration that pays homage to the loyalty of our fanbase. It couldn’t be more authentic, because the love of the two brands was already there. We just made it official.”

The C.P. Company by adidas Originals collection will be available starting from August 24 at cpcompany.com and through C.P. Company and adidas Originals selected retailers.


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