C.P. Company DD Shell Tech Nylon-Down Jacket

Though the down jacket is now regarded as something of a classic piece of kit, it’s important to remember who was the first to bring it down from the mountains and into the city. It was ‘il maestro’ himself Massimo Osti who first saw the appeal of a super technical jacket being worn by those of us who weren’t that worried about getting frotsbite. Clearly the brains behind C.P, Company was on to something and their are few outerwear brands in the world who haven’t dabbled with down. Clearly C.P. have continued with this progressive approach to design as their latest iteration of the down jacket is another boundary pusher. The DD stands for ‘Direct Down which is a technique whereby the tunnels that hold the down are first sewn, and then filled using injector funnels. Which not only looks amazing but also eliminate the loss of feathers through the seam holes and make the finished garments softer.

Buy a C.P. Company DD Shell Tech Nylon-Down Jacket from John Anthony here.


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