C.P. Company Double-Dyed 50 Fili Goggle Field Jacket

This brand new ‘C.P. Company Double-Dyed 50 Fili Goggle Field Jacket’ is a bit of a mouthful and a lot to take in (for me at least) so allow me to deconstruct this lengthy moniker into a more media friendly soundbite for you. It’s a brand new CP Mille Miglia with a lovely iridescent colour to the fabric. Yeah I know that technically this jacket is now termed as a ‘field jacket; but look at those goggles in the hood, the collar, those pockets and that watch viewer on the sleeve, not to mention that red cotton lining. It’s got the mark of Massimo all over it. In fact if this warp-wefted cotton/nylon blended jacket was a woman I’d marry it on the spot and move to Bologna to live out the rest of our days smoking, eating ragout and watching basketball games together in perfect harmony.

Now available ins-tore and onĀ cpcompany.co.uk


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