C.P. Company Metropolis Dyneema Jacket

Beautiful brutalist architecture meets the birds and bees whilst soundtracked by a mesmerising, modern poet James Massiah wearing the holy grail in jacket form, is one hell of a strong look for C.P. Company this season. Part of their AW020 ‘Next Landscape’ campaign that envisages a future in which nature and the metropolis can co-exist in harmony, the inspiration comes directly from C.P.’s iconic Metropolis jacket. The first item to be launched back in 1998 as part of the brands conceptual Urban Protection range this much loved piece has been remastered in an appropriately futuristic Dyneema version. This is an incredible piece of outerwear that still feels thrillingly futuristic (though admittedly the smog mask does feel very ‘now’) and also a welcome reminder of the sheer innovation and ingenuity that goes into the design process of C.P. Company products.

Launching today as part of a reimagining of the Urban Protection series and honouring a landmark in the brand’s history, the Metropolis Dyneema is available from,, C.P. Company flagship stores and exclusive selected retailers worldwide.

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