C.P. Company Logo Crewneck

Like the older, more experienced big brother of Stone Island, C.P.Company is without a doubt one of our favourite ever brands here are Proper. Though much as we love the goggles,the watch-viewers and that super classy C.P. font we don’t always need any of these signature sweeteners to appear on our CP gear. Take for example this exemplary ‘gauze white’ crewneck sweat that they’ve done. Which, despite having the word ‘logo’ in it’s title is still a pretty discreet affair (there’s is a tonal CP Company on the chest btw). Sometimes it’s enough to just know that what you’re wearing contains the design DNA of the much missed maestro himself, Massimo Osti. Plus if you’ve actually managed to get a tan at home this summer then just try and imagine how great you’ll look when you pop on this cracking crewneck? Just avoid red wine and nosebleeds though capiche?

Get a C.P. Company Logo crew neck from Peggs & Son here.


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