C.P. Company Micro-M

Micro M  is a brand new fabric from C.P. Company that is an evolved version of their iconic 50 Fili material. The cotton thread has been replaced with a hydrophobic polyester microfibre in order to create a naturally water resistant yet still highly breathable fabric that still fully retains the uniquely rich feel of the original 50 Fili cotton/nylon fabric. This incredible feat of feel good fabric has been immediately put to use on these Micro-M Googgle Hood Overshirts which have just been launched (in black coffee and pesto colours) and have ‘the coolest cat at the festival’ written all over them, well they might do if you fall asleep in the wrong tent and someone’s left a sharpie lying around.

Buy a C.P. Company Micro-M Goggle Hood Overshirt here.


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