C.P. Company Pro-tek Collar Lens Jacket


If you managed to make it down to our Massimo Osti Archive exhibition as Jacket Required in London last week then you will have seen a few of this jacket’s ancestors on show as you entered (just on your left). Slightly before the arrival of the legendary Mille Miglia in 1988 came the equally amazing Explorer Jacket which featured a lens in each collar and was inspired by a Japanese civil defence garment. Directly referencing this timeless classic this latest jacket from CP is made from Pro-Tek, a high performance stretch polyester jersey with WR coating that has been designed to combine the functionality of a piece of outerwear with all the lightness and comfort of a sweatshirt. Just like all the best of Osti’s designs, this jacket is a winning combination of military history with progressive design and cutting edge fabrics.

Available from C.P. Company here.







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