C.P. Company & Sergio Pizzorno ‘The Mind’s Eye’

I love the fact C.P. Company have gone full on psychedelic with this three piece collection they’ve concocted with Serge from Kasabian. I don’t think any of us saw it coming or ever envisaged a CP poncho having three goggles on it but that’s what makes it so good in my opinion. It’s got us all re-evaluating one of our favourite brands as well as Leicester’s biggest band, it’s a new perspective, a new dawn, a moment in time where we can stop what we’re doing and contemplate out navels as well as our extra eyes. Alongside the poncho (which comes with an amazing book shot by Neil Bedford btw) is a sweatshirt and a tee that also pay homage to the mystical third eye by way of a colourful three lens graphic print. Available in very limited numbers the collection will be available from this Monday (10.0918) from C.P. Company.co.uk and Flannels.




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