C.P. Company Ventile Explorer Hooded Jacket

Whilst the ‘false Spring’ may have made us temporarily take our eye off the outerwear ball it’s good to have some ‘proper weather’ to bring us back down to earth and get us looking at top tier, technical coats once again. This exquisite reversion of C.P.s iconic Explorer jacket features those trademark goggles in the neck but has been created using miraculous Ventile material.

Developed during WWII (in Manchester) its waterproof properties helped save the lives of countless downed airmen who found themselves ‘diving into the drink’ and still continues to hold its own in terms of breathability and functionality against the latest 21st-century tech fabrics. Though even if you’re not planning on bailing out over the Channel it’s still a phenomenal-looking jacket that’s destined to achieve instant collector’s item status once this season is over.

Buy a C.P. Company Ventile Explorer Hooded Jacket from Pockets here.

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