C17 Sweatshirts at Stuarts

As someone who was obsessed with French clothing brands throughout the late 80s and early 90s I’m incredibly happy to see the resurgence of C17. C17 or C Dix Sept was highly revered for it’s denim back in the day which then saw the rest of their chic swag arriving on our British shores. Up there with Chipie and Chevignon their gear was always great quality, the best colours and tied in with that 1950s Americana vibe that we all adopted in the early days of acid house.

Equally significant when it comes to supplying British youth cultures with colourful clothing the legendary Stuarts of London appear to be one of the first stores stocking the brand new collection C17. Currently they have a selection of sweatshirts and tees in navy, grey marl and black as well as more eye-catching purple and mandarin orange. Having never lost my love for a well made, French sweatshirt I had to get one and I have to say the quality and weight are spot on and their slightly relaxed fit is perfect sizing for both the year 1990 and 2020.

Shop the C17 Sweatshirt collection at Stuarts here.


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