CABOURNISATION – The Henri-Lloyd / Nigel Cabourn Collaboration

Whilst many people do collaborations these days few have turned our heads like this Henri Lloyd and Cabourn hook has. As long time fans of the legendary Mancunian sailing brand we’ve been dying for them to bring some more pieces back from their astounding archive for quite some time now. And who better to do the honours than Nigel, who had this to say about the project:

There aren’t many British brands I’d want to do collaborations with. It has to be someone who has a history, and not just any old history. When we first started talking and I got to see the vintage of Henri-Lloyd, I was completely amazed by how great it all looked. I mean, it’s not just a piece here or there, it’s massive is what it is. So, I had the vintage pieces I wanted to work with shipped to Newcastle, and I started to look at them in detail. What details! I found an H, or rather half an H, in Velcro! Henri-Lloyd must have been the first brand to use Velcro in clothing!

The result is a capsule collection of outerwear, sweats, polos and accessories that reference 1960s and 70s archival pieces whilst still catering to modern sea-faring sensibilities. Dropping today you can find out more about this phenomenal collection of foul weather friendly gear here and also here.


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