100 Years of Menswear (mini edition)

I don’t know why but there seems to be a raft of great books all aimed at the oft ignored world of men’s clothing popping up at the moment. The next welcome tome to hop onto my desk is the just released mini edition of 2009’s excellent 100 Years of Menswear (ideally sized for commuter reading). An indispensible piece of literature that spans ‘top hats at the races’ through to ‘tops off at the rave’ showcasing just how male style has evolved throughout various cultural phenomena from work class functionality to rock star peacocki-ness.

Images courtesy of: Topical Press Agency/ Getty Images / Silver Screen Collection/ Hulton Archive

Author and fashion historian Cally Blackmore has thankfully done her homework here and clearly loves menswear as much as we all do, having avoided the cringingly, mis-informed journalistic clichés that these kinds of books often hang their hat on. The rare archive photos and advertising imagery included also help lift this book head and shoulders above similar titles in this genre, making it a genuine must-have reference book for fashion students and clothing connoisseurs alike. Buy it HERE



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  1. Oliver Paker

    Men’s fashion isn’t popular because it isn’t stressed that much. Now that men have finally made way into the women dominated fashion world, I see things changing. Men have got more creative and specific about what they wear. Personally, I prefer clean, crisp formal wear for men – makes them look handsome and smarter.

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