Cape Heights Hyak Pullover Shirt

We sometimes see something and think straight away, ‘Ooooh, it’s a little bit good is that; it’s a little bit Proper’ and this Hyak Pullover Shirt from Cape Heights is just that.

Could be the ample pocketing on display – there’s a secret side-seam pocket and that large front pouch is a particular peach.

Could be the mid weight, washed cotton crafted in the US that’s us.

Could be those elasticated cuffs, that give it a real feel of the outdoorsy wear which we’re particularly partial to, that does it.

Could be the collar and that 3 button placket, meaning it’s not going to hassle your hair-do as you get it on or off.

Could be the hang loop on the back, ready for it to be flung-hung on the hook of your mountain lodge as you slide under your bear skin covers with a mug of Bovril and a Bonnington book.

Could just be that woven Cape Heights logo patch of a Rocky Peak on the arm, that takes it straight up our street (or at least Up our Mountain Pass).

Whichever of these premier attractions it is is that catches our eye, we can feel ourselves being drawn in to this shirt like a simpleton at a seance.

Which is why we’re heading to the Hip Store to get one now – once we’ve decided between the navy and the olive.









Twitter: @Hiltonshoegazer

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