1-4852-384_JayCAPSJust as the author has written in the intro to this fascinating book, I too have very fond memories of my first ever baseball cap. Though unlike Steve’s natty yet age inappropriate Marlborough cap mine was a lovely green titfer with the ‘7-UP’ logo on it. Christ knows where I got it from but man did I love that cap, which was only usurped several years later by an exquisite whiter Ocean Pacific number. Since those heady days the cap has evolved and escalated into both essential street attire and proper posey head-wear. CAPS: One Size Fits All starts with a brief yet proper brilliant history of the cap from your man Gary Warnett followed by a plethora of pieces of peaked perfection from old schoolers like American Needle, Ebbetts and Starter right up to newbies like BAPE, Supreme and Norse Projects. Add to this a nice feature on famous people in baseball caps, interviews with various hat wearing hipsters and ‘capped off’ with shots of different be-capped cool cats from around the world and you have a totally unique and 100% essential book on the ever increasing phenomenon that is the baseball cap.





 Caps: One Size Fits All by Steven Bryden (Prestel £ 17.99)

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