Carhartt Makes Progress at Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi’s range of Carhartt expands to include more solid workwear staples.

Thanks to the presence of two stores, Carhartt is synonymous with Manchester, especially considering those stores are in the Nothern Quarter, an area typically unresponsive to outside influence. This has turned Carhartt into a sort of Manchester uniform, and where better to stock it – outside of its own stores, of course – than Oi Polloi, Manchester’s prime destination for premium fashion-related goods. 

Oi Polloi’s offering of Carhartt’s WIP line is a solid cross-section of everything that’s good about the brand, with sturdy, muted jackets that conjure the timeless appeal of hard work, hard labour and calloused fingers to lighter, corduroy shirts that look like the ideal change-into after a long day at the yard.

WIP also takes a technical stance and is home to some of Carhartt’s most forward-thinking pieces, like this deep-pile fleece that’ll make you feel nicer than a sleeping bag lined with compliments. 

Carhartt at Oi Polloi.

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