Carhartt Mentor Jacket

On a recent excursion to the land of windmills and clogs, I made somewhat of an outerwear error. Style over substance, we’ve all done it. And as the wind whipped across the Rembrandtplein, I had a right nip on. So, a ponder down to the local clothing establishments was on the cards. First issue was, because the Dutch are all massive, finding something to fit a scrawny, sub 6-foot Northerner was a bit of a challenge. Secondly, there were that many trainer shops on one street, I was more distracted than Johnny Vegas in a pie shop.

However, when I clocked this out of the corner of my peeper, it needed further inspection. The Carhartt Mentor Jacket is a 65/35 polyester/cotton mix making it waterproof (check), with 5.7oz thickness, thus rendering it windproof (check) and has what looks like a shag-pile rug on this inner, ergo toasty (three out of three). To top that off, it fitted better than a surgeon’s glove. And priced at just shy of £200, it’s at the affordable end of the winter coat spectrum.

Although when I remembered that it was 7 Euros for a pint of Heineken, and that I was particularly thirsty, I had to bid farewell to Big Bird’s Yeller Coat, for the meantime.

By the way, if you don’t like Sesame Street, it also comes in Navy and Hamilton Brown -at Size.

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