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This Carhartt shirt at Liquor Store reminded me of Frank Ocean when I saw it. A bloke with a back catalogue of soulful songs and a persona cooler than a polar bear’ toe nail. And it made me think two things; some people are just cooler than others aren’t they? And over time, there has always been sartorial leaders and – if hashtags had been a thing – #influencers.

I dunno, take the first two examples I can think of; the 90s adulation of Kurt Cobain and the legacy of grunge and everything that it has grown into, and the undying love for Steve McQueen and the never ending Tumblr-ing of him sitting down in a pair of Persol glasses and beige chinos. Everyone can pick their own favourite “style icon” and, subconsciously or otherwise, twist, lend or downright plagiarise said look for themselves. Which is sound.

I wouldn’t say I go as far as the latter. “I like that. Wonder where I can get something like it?” is as complicated as it gets for me but, personally, Ocean is one of those people who is worth getting a few pointers from. I’m not saying I dress up as him, or even like absolutely everything he wears, and I definitely don’t try to be him – not like when I wanted to be John Deary as a kid – but more often than not, when I see him on stage or T.V. or whatever, I think, yep, looking good again, Frank lad, nice one.

As soon as I saw this, it reminded me of the kind of two tone shirts he wore with a Rising Sun bandana on stage or Saturday Night Live to the point that it became a kind of a signature look – kinda like a modern day Marvin Gaye and his wooly hat. Yet this one is different enough it won’t make you look like a tribute act – even though I actually can sing just like him by the way. Though I would like the record to state that I don’t wear bandanas.

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