Carhartt WIP x Pelago Bicycles

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Now that the nail is finally in the coffin of Top Gear and the nation has realised that cars are all a bit shit (apart from Volvo estates obvs) lets talk bikes: In 2013 Carhartt WIP’s skate team and their builders all pissed off to Fuerteventura for a bit of deck and deck-chair action and also with the hope of creating some new ideas for their forthcoming tour. One of the crew had connections to Pelago which though it may sound like a Vegas Casino is actually a dead good, sustainable bike engineering company. based in Finland. Which inspired them to take an abandoned frame they’d found chained to a post which they repurposed as the base for a brand new custom bike. So chuffed were they with this bright spark of creativity that they’ve now created an entire collection with the aforementioned Pelago and our mates at Mission Workshop.

The collection boasts a single-speed porteur in toolbox-green, a bespoke Mission workshop bag that fixes to the front rack that can also be worn messenger style and an array of Carharrt WIP gear with double-reflective labelling, waterproof coatings and lots of other bike friendly features. A a super practical range that suitable for both middle distance riders and seasoned cyclists alike with the additional bonus of it all looking cool as fuck.













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