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Before Cartocon, I’d only heard of Dundee when I used to sign Mark Kerr on Championship Manager Season 01-02… oh wait, hang on, that was Falkirk. He played for Falkirk. Bollocks.┬áRight, Dundee. Dundee… Yeah, Partridge. Partridge drove there in his bare feet. Ha.

Other than that though, I’ll be honest, I know next to nothing about the place. Though their town team is the answer to the following trivia question you can bore your mates with; which domestic professional league club is the only team to have no letters from the word ‘football’ in their name?

I don’t know anything else about Dundee but Cartocon looks well worth the trip. Although, to be fair you might as well hit their sale on the internet.

So no reasons to go to Dundee at all. Sorry, Dundeeians.

KM2 Reigning-Champ-Pullover-Hoody-Ash1 Reigning-Champ-Sweatpants-Ash-21 Ribbon-Tee-Gret Soulland-Planets-Tee-White

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