Cartocon Store Opening Party Saturday 20th Feb

If you follow Cartocon on Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen plenty of pictures of some serious DIY action taking place lately. The guys up there have been responsible for a complete overhaul of their shop; from doing plans on CAD to ripping out stairs and that.

Once they stop being all Extreme Store Makeover Dundee Edition, they will be throwing a customary party to celebrate; and we’re all invited. It’ll feature DJs and items for sale from Cartocon’s new ‘Transform.Create.Replace.’ collection, alongside a few Proper favourites, such as, Soulland, Unbranded Denim, Le Labourer and Converse First String, amongst others.

As for the DJs, I mostly listen to Radio 2, so I am not the one to ask. Neil has probably heard of them all but here is what Nathan (Cartocon) had to tell us about who will be on the wheels of steel,

“The night will feature DJ sets from renowned DJ & producer, Esa who is fresh from his trips to Cuba, Uganda and Kenya as part of the Highlife World Series. Also on the night we have two of the most successful local collectives that have regular nights at the Reading RoomsNorth East (Calvin & Nathan) & Contour (Slouch & Slice).”

Cuba, Uganda and Kenya? What a tour that is.

RSVP to the event here and check out the video below. Pictures of their new collection will be on here soon.


CARTOCON Opening Night:
7:00pm – 10:30pm
The Cartocon Store
129 Nethergate (Opposite DCA)


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