Casual Connoisseur Tees

Revolution and disorder is in the air over at Casual Connoisseur, a.k.a. ‘The Stockport Supreme‘; a brand which leads, and many follow. Previewed this week on Twitter and Instagram, the brand with two Cs are releasing more tees than you can shake a petrol bomb at. Maybe all that collaborating with the revolutionary 6876 has worn off on them or (more likely) this is an expression of a long held ‘eff you’ attitude.

Releasing collaborations with Our Culture, Curva Nord and Outskirts, alongside some of their own cleverly twisted tees – this pre-summer drop smashes it.

A complete collection will have you pledging your allegiance to your fellow workers (support also able to be shown through a nice A3 print), giving it to the polis (via a reference to a South American footballing giant), remaining unseen whilst on important revolutionary matters (like sabotage/walking the dog in the woods), they will have you scaring the shit out of the neighbours, and also something about Russia.

Whatever. We dig the tees, just keep ’em comin’.

CC ACAB Tee CC Born To Thrill Tee CC Nhood Sticker CC Nhood Tee CC Our Culture Tee CC Outskirts Tee

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