Casual Connoisseur X Veras El Mono boots

I’m definitely going to tell you about the new El Mono monkey boots from Casual Connoisseur and Veras without mentioning cheeky monkeys, monkey business or monkeying around. It’d just be too obvious to do that.

Over the past few years Proper favourites Casual Connoisseur and Veras have been teaming-up to produce footwear which can only be described as absolutely spot-on. Catching my eye amongst the mass of footwear that swamp my online vision every week, their latest release, the El Mono is a stunning monkey boot that stands-out from any crowd without shouting. Unique, subtle and cool-as-fuck, they’re a boot that tread their own path with confidence, comfort and a little bit of cheek.

The El Mono is as crisp as kettle chips, cool as cream and lighter than a lazer (I’m not sure if lazers are light as in ‘not heavy’ but they’re deffo light as in they are ‘lights’ but in this case I mean light as in not heavy. Just wanted to avoid saying light as a feather tbh).

The El Mono is a classic, lightweight nine eyelet boot, made by hand in Spain, coming in Petrol Blue leather. The off-White EVA sole helps make these some of the comfiest and lightest boots you will ever wear.


Produced in limited numbers as a one-off run, these boots will not hang around or long. Get yours here from Thursday 27th at 7pm.

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