Cause We Got Style! (Dokument)


Though many of us came in via the jaunty jingoistic joys of the terraces back in late 70s/early 80s, my personal love of labels was founded via a combined love of  the Street Sounds Electro Crucial albums and American films like Wild Style and the more commerical Breakdance. Though Hip-Hop was unquestionably a black/New York phenomena that didn’t stop us European honkeys getting in on the scene and trying our utmost to look and  sound the part, despite a lack of rhythm or access to Double goose leather jackets. Though many ‘casual’ authorities would have you believe that every fashion conscious young lad had a stanley and a flick back then, I’d argue that most of us were more likely to have been packing a roll of lino and a mullet. Not that any of this really matters as whether you were into this scene or not you’re bound to enjoy Dokument’s ‘Cause We Got Style!’ a colourful book of photos taken of European taggers and B-Boys back in the eighties, all perfectly frozen in time in front of their freezes,resplendent in their Cazals and Kangols from Chester to Checkpoint Charlie. Though I loved every single photo in this book for me the biggest shout out has to go to the ginger kid from Derby known as SIRE who is pictured doing a ‘king tut’ pose in his bedroom whilst wearing a pink cardigan cause he may not be from the Bronx but he definitely has style!

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  2. gizzle bizzle

    I once rang up radio one on the chris gold finger show getting a request for the glamour kid and bounty killa. I bigged up the Langley mill posse.

  3. Have you got the book? There’s a shot of some lads from Heanor in there!!!

  4. I’m still dressing like an extra from the wire yo.

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